Digital Signage That’s Easy and Affordable

Digital signage should not require a team of developers and designers. While there are many solutions on the market, SmarterSign believes that business owners should have complete control of their communication network, and be able to quickly and easily create high-quality content for their signage. We provide an end-to-end platform for rapid creation, management and deployment of powerful and dynamic communication.

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What makes SmarterSign Different?

The biggest difference is ease of use. With just minutes of training you can create high-quality programming to one or thousands of signs. Our software was designed with business users in mind. In fact, almost all of the users of the platform have no formal technical or design background.

Introducing SmarterSign Manager 5.0.

SmarterSign Manager has been dramatically improved to provide uncompromising control for all of your communication and design needs for your signage. SmarterSign Manager 5.0 introduces you to a new and powerful tool set for building great content. The SmarterWidgets toolbox allows you to quickly and easily add a wide range of content types to your displays in seconds.

Create Dynamic Content With Ease.

Drag and drop one of the SmarterWidgets from your toolbox and see how easy it is to create a wide range of beautiful and dynamic content. The SmarterSign SmarterWidget toolbox provides an easy way to add weather, time, date, Twitter, QR Codes, Menus, Schedules, RSS and many more content types. All of this is done with drag and drop ease and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Choose from 100s of Professional, Customizable Templates.

We have taken digital signage templates to a whole new level. Our Premium Content Library is a one of a kind resource for anyone who wants to put beautiful content on their screens. The library provides instant access to hundreds of professionally designed templates that can be quickly customized and published. Search and preview any design in the library and add it to your personal library with one click. Easily customize the design with your own content, images and/or videos to create a one of a kind experience for your customers.

The True Cost of Digital Signage

There are no hidden costs and the ongoing cost of managing your network is minimal. Low cost of ownership allows you to see ROI quickly.

A Solution for Every Market

They are designed to connect businesses to their customers more effectively without significant overhead or complexity. SmarterSign also recognizes that all businesses don’t have the same communication needs. This is why SmarterSign has developed specific solutions to meet the needs of specific markets. (Take a look at our Digital Menu Boards!) Each solution is designed to meet the ever changing communication needs of each industry. This approach gives our customers an ongoing competitive advantage.