World-Class Digital Signage without Internet

The SmarterSign Direct Platform consists of two primary components:

SmarterSign Direct Manager

SmarterSign Direct Manager is your command center for your digital sign(s). This application includes all the tools you need to create, edit, schedule and publish content. Control your content in a “What You See Is What You Get” environment so you always know exactly what your content will look like on your screens. The application is designed to run on a desktop or laptop machine with a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor or newer.

SmarterSign Direct Player

The SmarterSign Direct Player is the computer and software that controls playback of content where your displays are located. The whole job of SmarterSign Player is to play back your content when you want it and where you want it. The Intel® Compute Stick is the ideal device for providing a cost effective and powerful computer that easily connects to most displays.



Hundreds of Templates at Your Fingertips

SmarterSign Direct comes with a large library of fully customizable, professionally designed templates. Each template allows you to customize the colors, content and images to meet your specific communication need. No other platform comes close to offering this kind of value.

Our Template Library covers a wide range of communication needs.

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Schedules and Listings
  • Promotions and Sales
  • Welcome and Lobby Boards
  • Much More…

Low Cost – High Value

SmarterSign recognizes that small businesses need to keep their costs down. The SmarterSign Direct solution has no ongoing fees and has an extremely low cost of ownership. The applications are designed to give you complete control and do everything you need with no ongoing fees. There is no solution on the market that offers this much with such a low total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

  • Low startup cost
  • Setup in minutes
  • No ongoing fees
  • Anyone can use it
  • No Internet required


Helpful videos about SmarterSign Direct

Getting to Know SmarterSign Direct

This video provides an introduction of the SmarterSign Direct product. Watch an overview of how SmarterSign Direct allows you to have world-class digital signage without internet connectivity, infrastructure, or ongoing fees.


Getting SmarterSign Direct Setup

Getting everything connected with SmarterSign Direct is simple and can be done in minutes. This video shows how easy the setup process is.


Creating Your First Content

One of the key benefits of SmarterSign Direct is how easy it is to create beautiful content. This video shows just how easy it is to drag-and-drop your way to beautiful digital signage.


Schedule Content to Your Screen

Once your content is created you need to get it onto your screen. This video shows how simple it is to quickly send your message to the screen and start creating value for your business.


Get SmarterSign Direct Today

SmarterSign Direct is available through distribution partners all over the world. Please let us know where you are located and we can provide you with the easiest and most direct way to purchase this unique platform.

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