Design Tips for Digital Menu Boards

Now that you’ve made the commitment to digital menu boards, you should follow best practices for good design.  No designer on staff?  No problem.  SmarterSign provides clients with hundreds of professionally designed templates to make the design process easier. In addition to our templates, here are some suggestions when designing your menu boards. Create your […]

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Digital Signage, A Revolution in Communication?

Once again we are seeing a revolution in how consumers are interacting with information. This revolution is taking place out in the open with the growing use of  <a href=”http://www.smartersign.com”>Digital Signs</a>. During the past 30 years we have seen several revolutions in the way consumers interact with information. The personal computer changed the way we […]

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Serving up high-value Digital Menu Boards… One location at a time

In a recent article on digitalsignagetoday.com about the value of digital menu boards, the number one benefit of this type of solution was centralized control of content. It is this very category that SmarterSign leads the market and gives business operators exactly what they need. The whole mission of SmarterSign has always been to provide […]

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